Vortex Polishing System 1 out of 4 stars

I have recently purchased the Vortex Polishing System by Webster Ryan and I have to say the jury is still out.  Yes, it seems to have it’s place, but that place seems a little different then what Mr. Ryan touts.  It strips glue very well and you can re-polish a floor with it.  However, when you bring a floor up (50, 100, 200 semi-metals, 400, 800 resin) it seems to leave a spotty or “orange peel” looking floor.  I did have a problem and the Vortex burnisher starting and running only after 30 hours.  I called Mr. Ryan and he absolutely no help.  So don’t count on much support if you decide to buy one of these machines.  Therefore, I proceeded to put several calls into the manufacturer (Onyx).  Three days later, I still don’t have a machine. I’m sure it’s nothing major, but very poor customer service to say the least.   Walmart has utilized the Vortex Polishing System, but they seem to have put the brakes on it.  I will keep on testing and keep you posted.