Stained Concrete

Acid staining and dye staining concrete floors have long been the preferred finish for many loft and restaurant owners but more and more homeowners and businesses are finding that these custom floors are a viable alternative to hardwood, tile and carpet.

These floors are gorgeous, one-of-a-kind and extremely durable . . . because it’s concrete.
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Surface Design Solutions offers two methods for staining. The first involves staining an existing concrete slab and the other involves applying a thin, cement overlay to the existing concrete. Both methods result in outstanding floors, however, there are some similarities and differences to choosing one over the other.

Custom Options Include:
Scoring Multiple colors Finishes
Random Stone
All Sizes
Separate Rooms
High Gloss/Matte
Low Traffic/Residential
High Traffic/Commercial
(Extremely Durable)

It’s important to note that acid stains are limited to earth-tone colors (with exception to blue and green) and dye stains have a much broader range of colors.

Benefits of Both Methods
  • Cost-competitive
  • Multiple colors
  • Extremely durable
  • Low-maintenance
  • Can be scored to represent tile and borders
Benefits of Concrete
  • Gray canvas allows medium to dark coloring only
  • Provides spectacular nuances for coloring and effect
  • Natural pits and cracks can add tremendous character to final stain
Benefits of Overlay
  • White canvas allows full range of coloring from light to dark
  • Allows for texture to be added for additional effect
  • Can cover over imperfections in the existing concrete such as pits and patches
  • Can utilize water-based pigments for a broader range of color choices