Our Services

At Surface Design Solutions we offer a wide range of services designed specifically to meet your project needs.

Acid Staining

A chemical process which reacts with the concrete to create a marbleized or “mottled” look that is unique to each surface.

Surface Preparation

Removal of adhesives, mastics, thin-set, carpet glue, paint or other coatings
Self-leveling underlayments

Concrete Restoration

Self-leveling finish surfaces that can be tinted, stained, sealed or polished.

Stamped Concrete

New concrete that is colored and stamped while being installed in a variety of patterns.
A high-quality and low-maintenance alternative to more expensive installations of natural stone, brick, slate etc.

Epoxy, Urethanes, and Coatings

A variety of decorative and protective coatings used for residential through industrial and commercial applications
Clear and solid colors or chip/quartz broadcast system that simulates granite or terrazzo.

Polished Concrete

A multi-step grinding and coloring process for concrete that refines the surface from a “Home Depot-style” finish to a highly mirrored-like finish.
Unlike the floors found at Home Depot, a wide variety of colors are usually added.

Colored Dyes

Dyes are used to color concrete either in combination with acid stains or by themselves.
A wider and more consistent range of colors are achieved.


Moscaic & Marble Refinishing

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