Infinity Polish

Surface Design Solutions’ Infinity Polishing System is a proprietary, multi-step diamond grinding process where the coarseness (grit) is gradually reduced to a point where the equipment is polishing the floor. Customers have the option to affect the resulting sheen — from an Infinity i1 Polish (low-luster), Infinity i2 Polish, or Infinity i3 Polish (high-gloss).

The Infinity Polish System utilizes a unique stain blocking process which offers additional protection to provide a durable, long-lasting, high-gloss barrier — adding increased abrasion resistance to the concrete surface.

Benefits of Polished Concrete:
  • Easy to clean with no dangerous chemicals or VOCs
  • No need for waxes or coatings
  • Resists tire marks (from things such as forklifts)
  • Resists staining from chemical and oil spills and is fire resistant
  • High-reflective surface reduces lighting which leads to energy savings
  • Considerably more cost-effective than expensive marble, granite, terrazzo flooring
  • Increased abrasion resistance¹
  • Increased compressive strength²
  • Multiple finish options: colors, sheen, score lines, multiple colors…
  • Non dusting
  • Low maintenance
  • Increased durability

¹ ASTM Standard D 4060, H22 g. 1000 cyc. Test result: 20%-50% increase in abrasion resistance (compared to untreated control
² ASTM Standard C 805 Test result 10%-30% increase in compressive strength (compared to untreated control)