Infinity Polish and LEEDS

The Surface Design Solutions (SDS) family of products can provide additional sustainable attributes to building systems and practices that have the potential to contribute 18 points within seven of LEED-EB’s specific Credit Categories, especially on projects going for the highest LEED Platinum level certification available. The following is a breakdown of the applicable LEED-EB Credit Categories, the range of potential point awards, and the rational for the various credit assignments:

EA Credit 1 – Optimized Energy Performance, 1-10 Points

An SDS Infinity Polish Concrete Floor System can be part of a whole building approach to maximize a building’s energy efficient design because of the combined thermal properties of concrete. This is especially the case when combined with geothermal heating and cooling systems or other cutting edge energy-related building systems that reduce peak demand for energy throughout the enclosure. In addition, the highly reflective finish of an SDS Infinity Polish floor can reduce the number of original ambient lighting fixtures needed throughout the enclosed space, saving on both the initial cost of lighting fixtures as well as lowering the long-term cost of electricity needed to illuminate the property.

EA Credit 3.1 Building Operations and Maintenance: Staff Education, 1 Point

The installation of an SDS Infinity Polish System and especially the use of the environmentally preferred SDS Infinity Polish Conditioner as part of the on-going maintenance regime will keep the reflective qualities of this green Polished Concrete Floor surface in like-new condition for much longer than other floor covering options. SDS Infinity Polish can contribute to this Credit Category by providing building operations and maintenance staff personnel with an annual education program on how to maintain a floor with the SDS Conditioner.

MR Credits 4.1–4.3 Sustainable Cleaning Products and Materials, 1-3 Points

The use of the SDS Infinity Polish maintenance regimen qualifies for inclusion in this credit category because the formulation reduces the environmental impacts of cleaning products in the building through low-VOC or VOC-free chemical compounds in both the water based dye and the SDS Conditioner.

IEQ Credit 3 – Construction IAQ Management Plan, 1 Point

Specifying the SDS Infinity Polish System can potentially contribute to this credit because it eliminates the future need to remove and replace old tile and vinyl flooring as the building ages. Installation of this sustainable floor finish includes vacuum air purification technology. This helps prevent indoor air quality problems resulting from the dust and resulting debris that can occur with the removal and installation of other flooring options. The SDS dry polish process sustains the comfort and well-being of construction workers and building occupants during the renovation process.

IEQ Credit 9 – Contemporary IAQ Practice, 1 Point

The intent of this point is to enhance Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) performance by optimizing practices to prevent the development of indoor air quality problems in buildings and correcting indoor air quality problems, such as mold and mildew growth within other floor covering systems. The SDS Infinity Polish System, which includes the use of the SDS Conditioner, eliminates the source material for mold growth and creates a cleaner environment throughout the enclosed space.

IEQ Credit 10.6 – Green Cleaning: Low Environmental Impact Cleaning Equipment Policy, 1 Point

The SDS Infinity Polish Concrete Flooring System can potentially contribute to this credit because of the vacuum air purification technology utilized during installation. SDS Infinity Polish also eliminates energy consuming pressure washers, waxing machines and tile cleaning equipment thus lowering the costs and environmental impact of building maintenance.

ID Credit 1 – Innovation in Upgrades, Operations and Maintenance, 1 Point

The rational for this credit is to provide building operation and upgrade teams with the opportunity to be awarded points for additional environmental benefits achieved beyond those already addressed by LEED-EB Rating System. Since Materials Reuse is not specifically addressed in LEED-EB, a case can be made here for the awarding of an additional Innovation in Design point for using the SDSInfinity Polish System to refurbish an existing concrete slab as opposed to removal and replacement of other floor covering options.